About Us

How We Got Started

Lavern Elie-Scott, the founder and executive director established Curley’s House of Style in memory and homage to her late mentor, Cuzzie King affectionately known as “Curley”. Curley was devoted to helping the less fortunate in the community embracing all with open arms. Her philanthropic measures encouraged Lavern to carry on her legacy. Hence she later established the Hope Relief Food Bank to continue the traditions of Ms. King.

Our Mission

Our mission at Curley’s House of Style, Inc. / Hope Relief Food Bank is to improve and empower individuals, promoting the quality of life for low to moderate income individuals, families, elderly, disabled, at-risk youth, recovering substance abusers, battered women and children also individuals with cancer or HIV/AIDS virus.

We provide bulk foods, perishable and non perishable items, clothing, diapers, wipes, etc.We also provide vital information and referral resources to the public regarding programs assisting with rent, utilities, well/health care including upcoming health fairs and food drives. We service at least 5000 new and returning clients on a monthly basis.

Our Programs

Curley’s House supports over 1, 500 clients in Miami monthly with our services. Our organization will never let anyone leave our doors without food as long as our shelves are stocked.

Living Expenses

We provide resources to organizations that assist in paying rent for residents with pending evictions, light bill and water bill including with deposit fees.

Social Services

Our Social Services Administrator offers services with all economic programs that assist our communities with a vast range of options for the homeless, poverty stricken and medically deprived.

At Risk Youth

We offer programs for low to moderate income youth and their families. We provide monthly and seasonal services organized to improve their quality of life.

Health Awareness and Care

We offer education and access to programs for HIV/AIDS, Cancer and other terminally illnesses offered onsite as well as third party facilities.

Domestic Violence

Reality of life and relationships are tormentous at times. We provide information to assist those in finding a safe haven.

Employment Assistance & Summer Youth Employment

We offer job training and employment leads for Summer employment for community youth, youth at risk, community residents and Seniors. The program entails resume building skills, financial literacy seminars, health and nutritional flyers accompanied with seminars to assist our residents in becoming more productive in main stream society.

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